Recipes That Speak of Home: an eCookbook to Help Haiti

by ACP on February 7, 2010

Haiti Ebook CoverI first “met” Lauren McMillan of the blog Celiac Teen when she hosted the Daring Baker’s Challenge in January—and in so doing, showed me (and the whole the DB community) the bliss of Nanaimo Bars. Now, Lauren has shown us all something else: what one teenage girl can do to help others if she puts her mind to it.

Seventy-one contributors, eighty-seven recipes, and ninety pages after Lauren decided to take action to help Haiti recover from the devastation wrought by last month’s earthquake, her ebook, A Hand for Haiti, is now available for purchase and download here. 100% of ebook revenue will go to the Canadian Red Cross’s Haiti relief effort. (Lauren is Canadian, and the Canadian Red Cross has a history in Haiti, so this makes sense.)

I am very proud to be included in this cookbook, which spans the globe and brings cooks and bakers together from across the blogosphere. Lauren’s theme for the book is “comfort food,” recipes that make you feel at home. So many are now homeless in Haiti, and food is but one of many lacking comforts—though of course we’re not talking about comfort but mean survival. This ebook acknowledges the suffering of a nation with compassion and action, harnessing all that’s good about our high-tech world and using the power of community to raise awareness and funds to help.

The ebook contains recipes of all types, ranging from Lauren’s own Glorious Grain Muffins and Pumpkin Cupcakes to recipes for chili, chicken soup, curries, and even drinks like Maple Vodka. Many recipes are gluten free, others can be adapted to fit a gluten-free diet, and some are conventional (with gluten). Among the contributors, there were names I recognized but many more that I didn’t, and that’s exciting: a chance for new discoveries. Having purchased my download copy already, I can share some titles of recipes that caught my eye:

  • Chai Porridge Oats & Rhubarb Pear Compote (from Lorraine Elliott of Not Quite Nigella)
  • Acorn Squash with Brown Sugar Butter Sauce (from Alice Currah of Savory Sweet Life)
  • Easy Vegetable Curry (from Julie Van Rosendaal of Dinner With Julie; she’s also got a charity cookbook in the works)
  • Vegetarian Bean and Pumpkin Chili (from Alta Mantsch of Tasty Eats at Home)
  • Poffertjes (from Simone van den Berg of JungleFrog Cooking)
  • Finnish Pulla Bread (from Julia of Melanger Baking)
  • Orange Tartlets with Candied Tangerines (from Deeba Rajpal of Passionate About Baking)

That’s just a small sample to whet your appetite.

As for my own contribution to the book . . . It also resides here on Feeding the Saints. I first thought about donating a recipe that couldn’t be found on the blog, but Mimi’s Buttermilk Cornbread was the recipe that said “home” to me the most when Lauren’s call for entries went out. Also, I was preparing this recipe in honor of my father’s birthday when the earthquake hit, so the association is even more powerful for me.

This might make you wonder why you should purchase the ebook if you can get my recipe here for free. Well . . . this isn’t just about me, of course. Mine is but one of eighty-seven recipes in the book, and as already explained, 100% of the ebook revenue goes toward the relief effort in Haiti. To boost the net worth of the donation, Lauren has joined a program of the Canadian government through which she will receive a matching donation for the amount raised by February 12, 2010. (The ebook is available beyond that date, and money will continue to go to Haiti; this is just the Canadian government’s matching deadline.) Additionally, Lauren’s parents have pledged to match up to $1,000 dollars. So, this is yet another simple way that you can make a big impact with a few spare dollars . . . and receive recipes to nourish yourself and your family in the process.

The ebook is a PDF file that you can print as many times as you wish once it is downloaded. The price you pay for the book is more or less up to you, starting with a minimum donation of $10.00.

Again, here’s the link to download A Hand for Haiti.

Please, if you have ever enjoyed a word I’ve written or a recipe I’ve shared, consider whether it is worth the price of $10.00. If so, then please follow the link to Lauren’s blog and make a donation for the ebook. If you can, please do so before February 12, to maximize the impact of your generosity. Enjoy the recipes, and know that you are helping to share comfort with those who need it most. Thank you.

And thank you, Lauren, for providing one more way to help.

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The Curious Baker February 9, 2010 at 12:48 pm

Just found out about this, I was wondering how many gluten free recipes were in it. From the sounds of it quite a lot! You’re in there too, well done! Is it only downloadable? I’d love to get a paperback copy…


ACP February 9, 2010 at 1:57 pm

There are a lot of gluten-free recipes… some gluten-free because they never contain gluten (there are some great soups, stews, veggie side dishes, etc.), and others have been made gluten free via alternative baking methods. At this time, the cookbook is only in ebook format, downloadable.


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