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Crazy Good Peaches Come to Bellevue

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CHANGE COMES FREQUENTLY, sometimes with unmistakable, irreversible authority—think of life’s extremes: birth, death, and the rites of passage in between. More often than not, however, change appears in subtler, everyday ways; the trick is to see and appreciate the significance.
A couple of weeks ago, my life changed with the deceptively simple appearance of fuzzy-skinned peaches.
I [...]

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Leite’s Culinaria Recipe Testing


GOOD NEWS: After months of hanging out on an unofficial wait-list (which really just amounted to my obsessive checking of a certain Web page to scan for an opening), I have been accepted into the ranks of recipe testers for the James Beard Award-winning site, Leite’s Culinaria. I’m over the moon about this.
If you’re not [...]

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