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Tsoureki Bread Pudding

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EASTER HAS ENDED, and the food coma is starting to wear off, finally. After copious portions of lamb and lemony roasted potatoes, after way too many eggs and koulouria and slices of tsoureki, the Greek Easter bread . . . You notice that there’s still quite a bit of everything left over. What to do [...]

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In Praise of Tsoureki

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IT HAS RISEN. It has risen indeed. And it’s damn good, if I say so myself.
Some background: the Greek in me simply does not consider it a proper Easter without a loaf of Tsoureki on the table. Pronounced “soo-REH-kee,” this festival bread is similar to challah with its sweet, eggy, cake-like charms. I have been [...]

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Mimi’s Buttermilk Cornbread

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EVERYTHING STARTS WITH CORNBREAD. At least, that’s my attitude when it comes to preparing a proper Southern meal. You start with good cornbread and build around it.
Sometimes the architecture is elaborate: what springs up can be an entire Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixin’s (there is no turkey on our holiday table without my grandmother’s [...]

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