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Lima Love: Salad with Two Greek Cheeses

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RESPECT YOUR BEANS. That’s the order of the day. Specifically, you should give the lowly lima bean its due. That’s right, everyone, April 20 is officially “Lima Bean Respect Day.” Lest you doubt my word, there’s even an e-card to prove the day exists (Hallmark’s got nothing on Ecardia, creator of the illustration shown above).
Of [...]

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Resolution: Eat Interesting Salads


NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS? Sure, I make them. They kick in on January 7.
Now, you might wonder: why do I wallow in an extra week of decadence and bad habits, when most people have been subjecting themselves to the honorable ritual of self-improvement for a full six days already? Is it some strain of rebellious DNA? [...]

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“Sweet Heat” Grilled Prosciutto & Smoked Gouda Sandwich


SMOKED AND CURED ingredients have historically meant preservation during long, harsh winters, while the hearty bulk of whole-grain bread provides lasting energy to get through the day. Here, smoked Dutch gouda and air-dried prosciutto lend depth to a grilled sandwich that’s kissed by the surprising sweet heat of plum chutney. Held between slices of seeded [...]

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