Recipe Index


Mom’s Tea Therapy (rooibos tea blend)

Breads • Muffins • Scones and Such

Gluten-Free Graham Crackers
Koulouria/Koulourakia (Greek Easter Biscuits)
Maman’s Basic Crêpe Recipe
Mimi’s Buttermilk Cornbread
Tsoureki (Greek Easter Bread)

Casseroles • Quiches • Savory Pastry

Leek, Lemon & Feta Quiche (with ouzo!)

Condiments • Snacks • Sundries

Blood Orange and Olive Salsa with Feta and Mint
Cauliflower Relish (from Sunday Suppers)
Curried Yogurt Eggs


Anise-Orange Biscotti with White Chocolate and Fennel Pollen
Basic Buttercream
Earl Grey Chocolate Truffles (Claudia Fleming)
Emergency Cookies
Friendship Day Marshmallows (chocolate-covered)
Galette des Rois (à la frangipane)
Ginger Green Tea-ramisu
Goat-Milk Feta Ice Cream
Lemon-Ouzo Popsicles
Mastiha Brownie Bites with Metaxa Cherries
Matcha (green tea) Ladyfingers
Nanaimo Bars (Kona Coffee Variation)
Oreillettes à l’orange (Mardi Gras fritters)
White Tea Rose Shortbread Stars

Grains • Pastas • Noodles

Kolyva (sweetened wheatberry memorial dish)
Mac and Cheese After Waltuck
Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Protein: Beans • Lentils • Other Legumes

Lima-Bean Salad with Two Greek Cheeses

Salads • Sandwiches

Demeter & Persephone’s Antioxidant Salad
“Sweet Heat” Grilled Prosciutto and Smoked Gouda Sandwich


Scallop Ceviche with Pummelo and Fennel

Soups • Stews

“Bonne Année” Du Puy Lentil Soup

Vegetables • Sides

Lima-Bean Salad with Two Greek Cheeses
Spicy Sweet Potato Colcannon with Pancetta

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