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Dame Julia Smiles on Portuguese Table

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BACK IN MARCH, you may have seen my post about the IACP cookbook awards. Well, verdicts came in last night as awards were distributed in Portland, Oregon, at the IACP conference ceremony, which was presided over by co-hosts Ruth Reichl and Kim Severson. I had nearly forgotten about the ceremony date, but was reminded by one [...]

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Awards You Can *Really* Get Behind

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ACADEMY SCHMADEMY. Between all the buildup, the actual event itself, and the approaching week’s debates over who got cheated, who looked classy or trashy, and so forth . . . I’m glad Oscars season is over till next year. If I have to weigh in, I’ll say brava to Mo’Nique and Sandra (though the foodie [...]

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What Weight Love?

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WHO CAN TELL the weight of love? In anticipation of Valentine’s Day, I spent some time reflecting on this profound question, and my answer has been published today as part of a feature over at Leite’s Culinaria. I’m thrilled that my writing was selected for inclusion by David Leite and the new deputy editor of [...]

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Leite’s Culinaria Recipe Testing


GOOD NEWS: After months of hanging out on an unofficial wait-list (which really just amounted to my obsessive checking of a certain Web page to scan for an opening), I have been accepted into the ranks of recipe testers for the James Beard Award-winning site, Leite’s Culinaria. I’m over the moon about this.
If you’re not [...]

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