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Chocolate Walnut Fig Cake With Grappa & Cardamom Cream

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FORGET THE KIDS. They’re sleeping (maybe at Nona’s house). Or there aren’t any. My Friendship Day Marshmallows post was for them. This, though . . . This is for adults only.
For all my soapbox talk about how anyone—coupled, single; young, old, or in between—should be able to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it is still true that [...]

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O Canada! O Nanaimo!


PASS THE TORCH. There’s a new Daring Baker in town, and she’s on her way to British Columbia, Canada. Well, not really. Armchair (or kitchen) travel is the only kind I’m doing at the moment. I’d say “unfortunately,” except that there’s nothing unfortunate about today’s culinary excursion—a gooey, creamy, chocolatey, crunchy foray into bliss—no, nothing [...]

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“Blue Grey” Chocolate Truffles


‘TWAS THE NIGHT before Christmas, and all through the house . . . Or at least in the kitchen, I was stirring up the scents of simmering cream, bittersweet chocolate, and black tea with bergamot.

It’s been four or five years since I last made these Earl Grey truffles. The recipe (which I will loosely describe [...]

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