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Springtime Wish for Readers

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WHEREVER AND WHOEVER you may be, whatever you celebrate this weekend (it could be no more or less than the appearance of springtime flowers)—if you’ve found your way to Feeding the Saints today, then I take this moment to welcome you, thank you, and wish you a season of renewed hope and abundant life. It [...]

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Count the Ways: Curried Yogurt Eggs

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I LOVE EGGS. I could count the ways, but I don’t want to bore you. I love them, and yet . . . at this time of year, I seem always to run out of ideas for them, at least in their boiled form. Easter approaches; the pleasure of coloring eggs comes and goes (you [...]

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Kokkinopefti: Red Eggs and Koulouria

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THE RED FALLS. In Greek you say Kokkinopefti, and this very literal, symbolic description serves as one popular name for the day, Holy Thursday. The red comes down, washing what it may. In this case, eggs for Easter.
In Greece on Great Thursday—what some call Maundy Thursday in English (and which, when I was little, I heard [...]

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In Praise of Tsoureki

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IT HAS RISEN. It has risen indeed. And it’s damn good, if I say so myself.
Some background: the Greek in me simply does not consider it a proper Easter without a loaf of Tsoureki on the table. Pronounced “soo-REH-kee,” this festival bread is similar to challah with its sweet, eggy, cake-like charms. I have been [...]

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