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“Bonne Année” Du Puy Lentil Soup


WE LAUGH ABOUT lentils, but it’s like laughing with them, not at them. We laugh because one year a box burst open in my mother-in-law’s luggage; we spent twenty minutes picking tiny green bits out of her sweaters, skirts, shoes, and undergarments, and even then I think some made it back home with her. For [...]

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Christmas Message


JOYOUS CHRISTMAS WISHES to those who celebrate the holiday. And to everyone on this day—regardless of what or whether you celebrate—I wish you:
the magic that comes with nature’s winter landscape

. . . the playfulness and light heart of a child . . .

. . . and a spirited place of comfort and warmth shared with [...]

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Mac and Cheese After Waltuck


My take on the family classic, adapted slightly from David Waltuck’s recipe from the book Staff Meals from Chanterelle. Creamy, cheesy comfort.

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